Flight instructors how would you like to take advantage of the recession, increase student enrollment, income, maintain personal currency and proficiency at no cost?

With a weak economy, the increased cost of aircraft operations, has curtailed initial IFR/VFR training and aircraft owners from doing training. The question remains how do schools and instructors get students back in to training? The answer leys in creative instruction and use of flight simulators, therefore increasing IFR/VFR proficiency, currency, frequency of training and at the same time saves money for students.

What’s in it for me as instructor

  • Increase in student enrollment by presenting an alternative reduced
  • Cost bases to student training.
  • No threat of losing a student to another CFI or school. Our job is to provided you and your student with quality simulators and briefing classrooms
  • CFI is totally independent sets own rate and no fee to the club charged.
  • 24/7 simulator scheduling availability
  • Complimentary simulator time to CFI’s plus use of VFR/IFR curriculums.
  • The Club refers students to instructors @ no charge.
  • Free attendance to Fee based seminars
  • Free simulator check out
  • Turn key business plans available for leasing simulators & starting SimClubs

Now pilots have the opportunity to take advantage of modern simulator based training with you as their Instructor and use the latest state of the art simulators at a fraction of the cost. The IFRSIMCLUB is an innovative concept designed, to provide Quality Simulators/Flight Training Devices at reduced cost and provide alternatives to IFR/VFR pilots both initial and recurrent training. Similar to a gym club membership, pilots pay monthly membership dues and they get unlimited or by the hour, 3 different plans to choose from. All simulators are FAA approved under FAR 61 & 141.

90 Days UNLIMITED simulator use $750.00 (Best Deal)
Hourly only 65.00 (2Hour Min)
Specials- After 5 PM & Weekends 50.00 (2Hour Min)
Insurance approved training packages for aircraft owners
Locations through out Southern California- Call for Free Simulator Demo
For nearest location in your area 818-371-8653
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