Statistics have proven pilots get more training and proficiency at 1/3 less cost per hour than aircraft time. Now pilots have the opportunity to take advantage of modern simulator based training with experienced staff Instructors or bring your own CFI and use the latest state of the art simulators at a fraction of the cost. The IFRSIMCLUB is an innovative concept designed, to provide Quality Simulators/Flight Training Devices at reduced cost and provide alternatives to IFR/VFR pilots both initial and recurrent training. Similar to a gym club membership, pilots pay monthly membership dues and get unlimited or by the hour sim time.

All simulators are FAA approved under FAR 61 & 141.

Insurance approved packages available to aircraft owners
Logging simulator time
2.5 Hrs toward the private certificate
20  Hrs toward the instrument rating
25  Hrs toward the ATP certificate
50  Hrs toward the commercial certificate

Unlimited  Simulator 3 months +CFI    

Recent Flight Experience
(currency per FAR 61.57)in simulator
Instrument Proficiency Check
Can be accomplished in Sim. Most IPC checks 85% in sim & 15% -3 approaches in airplane
As per nstrument Practical Test as per PTS

IFRSIMCLUB   Where  Experience  Makes The Difference

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