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Interview Process

Individuals interested in joining our team of professional pilots may Apply Online
An online application must be completed before an invitation to interview will be extended. Please check back periodically for confirmation. Attending a career or job fair is not required to receive an invitation to an interview.

The interview process for a flight job may include the following phases:

  1. Written Exam: If the applicant has a current ATP, no written exam is necessary. A copy of the results must be provided at the interview.
  2. CRM Scenario: The applicant will demonstrate their ability to perform in a Part 121 airline environment.
  3. Behavioral-Based Interview: During this phase of the interview process, the following areas will be assessed: background, core values, leadership skills, ability, professionalism, etc. The candidate should come prepared with resume and copies of current first class medical, pilot license, driver’s license and passport.
  4. Technical Interview: This phase will cover items including, but not limited to, Jepp knowledge, FARs, WX systems, CRM, etc.
  5. Simulator Observation: This will take place in a Frasca 142 simulator where the applicant will be expected to demonstrate appropriate skills. This phase is subjective and may or may not be administered.
  6. Debrief: This final phase of the interview process will consist of a debrief from the applicants’ perspective as well as the interview team. In the event that the candidate does not successfully complete any phase, they will be released and may reapply at a later date.

The description above is the typical overview of the interview process.Applicants must be well prepared in Crew concepts, CRM, Instrument scan and procedures. IFRSIMCLUB-Airline training center has been preparing applicants for the SKYWEST interview for over 20 years. We train with the exact Frasca simulator used in the interview process.
All training is conducted with CRM and crew concepts to ATP standards.

The SKYWEST simulator evaluation washes out 30% of the applicants before they ever get to the interview. A solid pre-simulator evaluation and practicing the actual approaches is the best investment before the interview.

Additional technical skills required

  • SKYWEST is going to an all jet fleet and are phasing out the turboprop aircraft.
  • Jet transition requires a lot more knowledge of advanced systems and automation.
  • Turbojet aircraft are equipped with glass instrumentation, EFIS-FMS-Weather radar.
  • Our airline training center has the experience, study & reference materials to help the applicant succeed.
  • The biggest mistake any applicant can make is to wait until the last minute to polish their skills for the interview.

To schedule your interview prep  (Training Center locations) CRQ-LGB-VNY-LAS

Contact The Airline Training Center (818)-371-8653 Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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