First Officer Training Good news for regional airline pilot applicants.  IFRSIMCLUB now has on our staff current Regional Captains and instructors that are helping pilot applicants with the interview process, HR, Technical and the simulator evaluation.  We are current on the HR techniques, and Technical questions asked, not just the questions, but the answers as well. Presently over 50% of all the applicants fail the simulator evaluation.  Taming the simulator is skill that requires proper instruction and practice.  Our simulators are programmed for the exact approaches and we teach the airline CRM, SOP profiles and briefings.  The regional and cargo airlines all state on their websites “ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE CURRENT AND PROFICIENT”.  Get the edge on the competition and the hiring process.  Call and schedule today.  Don’t wait until the last minute only to find out you are not up to the professional airline standards.


NEW - First Officer Training
For the airline or corporate, fractional career minded pilot. The IFRSIMCLUB, Simulator & Instrument Training Center of Van Nuys, Ca. now offers professional 1st officer and Captain upgrade simulator based training. This course is geared to bridge the gap between general aviation and professional airline training. The course is especially beneficial to the low time pilot who is stepping up to a turbine transition airplane and has had minimal or no two pilot crew, CRM training. Our reputation with turbine transition prep is well known and recommended by turbine transition time building companies such as Eagle Jet International.


crjAdditionally, our prep training has been recognized by several commuter and major air carriers. The course focuses on building knowledge, crew concepts and decision making skills. The turbine transition course has a different teaching approach and focuses on the airline/corporate operations in greater detail. Features include crew training with scenario-based, loft workshops that immerse the pilot in a real situation to develop pilot skills and decision making.

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Instrument Rating
efisThe IFR rating is the most challenging ratings and gives the pilot much more utilization of his aircraft and increases safety. The training provides the skills needed to fly in the clouds and under conditions of reduced visibility and knowledge of weather.

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Instrument 3 Day Refresher
The 3 day refresher course is part of our award winning signature courses. Teaches pilot’s to think outside the box, build confidence, aeronautical decision making and cockpit resource management skills. This is accomplished with real world based scenarios, with the philosophy train as you fly. Additionally, as much as possible our training policy is to give students exposure to actual IMC weather flying. The course places emphasis on the use of aircraft automation tools, auto-pilot, GPS,TCAS and MFD for situation awareness.

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Instrument Proficiency Checks
The instrument proficiency check FAR 61.57(c) & (D) is a great opportunity to learn and review instrument proficiency and competence to operate in the IFR environment. The check is conducted on a flight based scenario to assess the pilot's ADM and risk management skills and knowledge of ATC & instrument procedures. The check can be accomplished in the aircraft or simulator.


Flight Reviews
Required every 2 years (FAR 61.56) for operations to perform pilot in command duties, can be accomplished by additional rating or 121,135 check ride. Requirements 1 hour of ground & 1 hour flight, instruction covering FAR part 91 & 830. Aircraft performance,, and POH/AFM, limitations, airspace, VFR charts and aero medical factors.


NEW - Line orientation Flight Training
Loft (Line orientation flight training) is based on the NTSB accident base, Risk Management and advanced airmanship training. LOFT FOR LIFE developed for all levels from Student to Professional pilot. All training is ground and simulator based designed to impart knowledge, CRM, ADM discipline, confidence and the issues to break the accident chain.Click for completed description


The Commercial Pilot Certificate
172sp-3The Commercial Pilot Certificate is the stepping stone to any career in aviation and intended for those individuals who intend to make their career in aviation, The commercial pilot rating teaches precision flying techniques and maneuvers. IFRSIMCLUB offers a Single Engine and Multi Engine Commercial program to prepare you for your career in Aviation.


Certified Flight SEL & MEL, Instrument Instructor
This course is designed for the pilot who desires to enter the rewarding field of instruction fellow pilots. Quality flight training demands a certain type of instructor pilot 1st requires patience and the desire to pass on knowledge. Some of the elements students learn in instructor training are: aerodynamic understanding, aircraft management skills, effective teaching methods, risk management, and above all, love of flying and the desire to teach more and at the same time expand personal knowledge and growth as a professional aviator. Our Flight Instructor applicants are aviation educators, and trained to standards well above the minimums accepted by the industry.

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Multiengine rating
seminole-sMulti-Engine flight training offers a new dimension in your aviation career. The IFRSIMCLUB Multi-Engine program is designed to take pilots from either a Commercial Single-Engine or Private Pilot Single-Engine to proficiency in a multiengine airplane. Many students add on the commercial rating while completing the multiengine program.


Technically Advanced Glass training center
garmin1000Technically advanced glass equipped aircraft are the wave of the future; all the new aircraft including VLJ’s will come with the Garmin 1000 glass cockpits. Cessna & Garmin factory trained G1000 instructors available to provide transition training into your G1000 equipped aircraft or ours. Experience makes the difference the best training any pilot can receive is from Experienced Instructors that fly and instruct in Technically Advanced glass cockpit airplanes all day long from Props to jets.


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High-Performance Complex Single & Multiengine Aircraft Training
Pilots will learn about the aircraft systems, covering the landing gear systems, high performance engines and propeller systems, fuel systems, electrical systems and pressurization and turbo charging. In addition, calculate and use the aircraft's performance data to determine critical flight and take off situations.
Training to include instruction in (TAA) technical advanced aircraft high performance singles; Cirrus, Cessna 400, Raytheon Bonanza, Malibu/Meridian and Cessna 210,
King Air and other advanced glass cockpit which require advanced annual refresher training required by aviation insurance underwriters.


Multiengine Insurance approved training
Cessna 300 & 400 series- Beechcraft Baron-Piper Aztec

baron-g58-sSpecialty insurance approved training for high performance multiengine aircraft owners Ground school to include a review of AFM/POH, aircraft systems, performance, wt.& balance. Engine out, procedures, VMC; with emphasis on emergency procedures, both visual and on instruments, training is completed both in simulator and in aircraft.



Citation Training
CitationFor the career minded pilot, aircraft owner or professional pilot, the IFRSIMCLUB Simulator & Instrument Training Center of Van Nuys now offers in conjunction with our Citation training partners both initial and recurrent training for Citation 550, Dallas Texas & CJ jet 525 training with Proflight, Carlsbad Ca. Both schools utilize full motion FAA approved simulators that are type specific. In addition IFRSIMCLUB offers introduction to jet transition, introduction to systems, crew CRM training and simulator prep.


Turboprop Training
Beechcraft King Air 90 For the career minded pilot, aircraft owner or professional pilot, the IFRSIMCLUB Simulator & Instrument Training Center of Van Nuys now offers in conjunction with our Turboprop training partners both initial and recurrent training for King Air 90 &200 . The Cessna Conquest training is taught in Carlsbad Ca. with Proflight training center. Both schools utilize full motion FAA approved simulators that are type specific.



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