Lorenzo Lamas celebrity - LorenzoLamas2 IFRSIMCLUB training teaches a pilot to fly like a pro. Instructors like Bob Crystal instructor set the standards for the industry. Their organization and curriculums are designed to accelerate a pilot’s learning. All the training exceeds FAA standards and prepared me for advanced training. I attained IFRSIMCLUB for all my advanced training from instrument through Citation jet, and can only say if you want the best call IFRSIMCLUB of Van Nuys.



R. Philpot Financial Analyst - I have trained with Bob Crystal Instructor for FliteWest IFRSIMCLUB for over 10 years, starting with my first multiengine airplane a Baron, then on to the Malibu and presently with my Cessna 414. Having attended other advanced flight training part 142 schools in the past which are simulator based only. I can state with confidence, Bob has exceeded my expectations for all my training.  I attend monthly airmanship recurrent training sessions both in simulator and airplane, to keep up proficiency as well as learn new techniques.

D. Stefko Roofing Contractor - IFRSIMCLUB focuses a one on one approach personalizing all training to meet each student’s needs. I trained for my instrument and multiengine ratings with Bob Crystal Director of Training. Bob continually makes learning fun and challenging.

E. Addis Animator
- IFRSIMCLUB is without a doubt the Best in the West in the aviation training business. Their aircraft are well equipped with HSI &Garmin 530 with auto-pilot. IFRSIMCLUB instructors are masters teaching in the simulator and in customer aircraft. Their accelerated instrument course is well organized and challenging as I have a busy schedule and timing is everything in my business.

J. Redmond Contractor - The instructors at IFRSIMCLUB are masters at instrument and advanced training. The latest state of the art simulators are most realistic and the only way to train. Bob Crystal simplifies learning making things crystal clear.

B. Watts G-V/Global Express Pilot - I trained with Bob Crystal for my Airline Transport Pilot Rating. My course of instruction was very comprehensive to include knowledge of systems, instrument procedures and Cockpit Resource Management. Because of his strict discipline in CRM and learning to stay ahead of the airplane, I found it extremely helpful in transitioning to jet operations.

S. Dans Attorney
- As a professional, I have high expectations from any training received. I trained with Bob Crystal for my Multiengine rating. The instruction was exceptional and prepared me well for the check ride. Additionally IFRSIMCLUB trained me afterwards in my Twin Cessna 340.

R. Bressler Manager - The training for my Commercial Multiengine with Bob Crystal was awesome. He changed the way I fly. Bob uses several creative emergency scenarios to teach students to think outside the box. The check ride was a breeze.

R. Ray Producer - Because I fly a high performance Multiengine Aerostar ,and required by the insurance company to do annual recurrent training. My choice is IFRSIMCLUB as an insurance approved training center. My instructor Bob Crystal was well versed in the Aerostar. I have returned for recurrent training both for instrument and Multiengine on a regular basis to keep my skills sharp. Simulator training is most cost effective and saves wear and tear on my airplane.

J. Hendricks Flight Safety Instructor - As a professional instructor for over 30 years I recognize quality professional training. I have had students that were transiting to the Citation that were trained by IFRSIMCLUB with Bob Crystal as their instructor, and have found his training to be outstanding and most through. I would recommend his training to any pilot.

T. Henry Airline Pilot - Top notch simulator training a must for any airline interview prep. Bob Crystal my instructor had the simulator profiles, briefings and call-outs down cold.

J. Irvine Net Jets Pilot
- Training at IFRSIMCLUB arms a pilot with knowledge and pro-pilot skills required for jet transition. Instructors put emphasis on CRM & decision making on every flight.

J. Stein Net Jets Pilot - IFR SIMCLUB training is demanding
and influenced my career more than any other training I had received from other flight schools. Professional instruction and organized curriculum; I would recommend them to any pilot who is on a career pilot track.

E. Story Business Advisor - The concept of the IFRSIM CLUB is recession proof. Training with the IFRSIMCLUB is a pleasure, and the instructors are highly skilled professionals with years of experience, and the best training that money can buy.

R. Gustafson Aviation insurance
- The quality of any training course is directly attributed to the management and instructors. IFRSIMCLUB instructors take a personal interest in each student’s learning and progress through out their training. I would recommend their training to any pilot that takes training seriously. I am looking forward to my next recurrent training event.

J. Weiser Attorney - The clientele that trains with IFRSIMCLUB are CEOs or other successful business owners, many are aircraft owners that demand the best training possible for their aircraft. The instructors use the simulators to create real world flying scenarios and emergencies that would challenge any pilot’s skill.

B. Page Dr/AME - I found your three day IFR/ multiengine refresher program to be challenging, and very beneficial in maintaining IFR proficient in the aircraft. This is my 5th year doing my annual recurrent training with instrument training center.

T.Dray Former ATC & CFI - Bob is probably one of the most creative instructors in the business, he is a master at building traps and teaching IFR&CFIT procedures, He always goes the extra mile for his students.

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